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Great variety, thousand flavors, Discover local Xi'an food.
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Xi'an is a fast growing economic centre. The keypoint for the development of West-China.
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Tang Dynasty Banquet

Tang Dynasty Banquet is in the style of Tang cuisines, which is one of the most three famous things in eating (the other two are Jiaozi Banquets and Mutton Paomuo respectively) in Xi'an. The dishes in the banquets are diverse and plentiful and with special flavor. To partake of the banquet is something different from the other banquets. The waitresses who serve beside the tables in the Tang Dynasty Banquet have to wear Tang-style garments, and their buns are highly coiled up, they look very beautiful. The dishware and goblets on the tables are all imitated the Tang-styles. When the banquet is getting under way, a eunuch (not a true eunuch) with a horsetail whisk in his one hand proclaims the imperial decree to explain the purpose. Then the royal band plays the tuneful ancient music, and at this moment the toasters begin to drink a toast to each other. When a dish is served, its name is read aloud by a Tang Dynasty officer, and then he explains the cultural attraction of this dish. During the banquet, The Tang-style music and dance are performed, and Tang poems are recited. The wine served in the banquet is Huanggui dense wine, which was ever drunk by Lipo (a very famous poet in Tang Dynasty) and Concubine yang (the most caressant concubine by emperor Li long-ji). The dishes, pastries and soup are cooked by an ancient menu called cooking cauda banquet menu which was written by Wei Ju-yuan, and the dishes on the banquet tables are all the dishes which ever served for one of the Tang Dynasty emperors, Li xian (A.D.656-710).


The cabbage steamed Jiaozi (dumpling).

Jiaozi (Dumpling) Banquets

When traveling in Xi'an, one special cate you should not miss is the Jiaozi Banquet. Jiaozi or Dumpling is a kind of famous fillings wrapped by flour skin in the north of China, which has a very long history. As far back as the Western Han Dynasty (B.C.206-A.D.24) Period Jiaozi was a common food on the table of the residents who lived in the capital city, Chang'an (now called Xi'an). In 1984, this food was primarily presented on the banquet table by the Xi'an Dumpling Feast Restaurant on Jiefang Road. The Xi'an Jiaozi banquets are known for their rich materials and different tastes as well as their attractive shapes. Firstly, their materials of fillings are made from seasonal vegetables, poultry meat, fish, red meat and the delicacies from land and sea, such as the hedgehog fungus, sea pumpkins, shark fins and black mosses etc. Therefore, there are more than one hundred tastes of the Jiaozi on the Xi'an jiaozi banquets. They nearly including all flavors from soup to nuts, for instance, the tomato flavor, chili flavor, fragrant fish flavor, five flavors, fresh and salt combined flavor, sweet-and-sour flavor, curry flavor, oyster sauce flavor, spiced flavor, chili oil flavor and so forth. Secondly, the cookeries of Jiaozi are diversiform. Usually, the basic cooking methods are steaming, frying, parching and boiling. And because with the diverse fillings, the making processes of Jiaozi are very different, the Chinese cookeries such as cooking, sauting, boiling briefly, quick frying, braising and stuffing are put into fullplay. Thirdly, the shapes of the Jiaozi are very wonder. They look like some fancy handicraft articles, some look like butterflies, penguins, green leaves, goldfishes, swallow nests, mandarin ducks, gold (or silver) ingots, flowers, trumpet shells, Apsarases, clouds and pearls etc. all kinds of strange shapes to cannot say. In addition, the names of the Jiaozi on the banquet tables are poetically: Flying Butterflies, Fish Breaking, Black Dragon Lying on the Snow, Dragons Disturbing the Sea, White Rabbits on the Green Lawn, Sending Charcoal in Snowy Weather, Have a Pleasant Journey and the like, every one is a delight to the eyes and makes your mouth water, at this moment you may have not the heart to touch them or put one in your mouth.

Steamed Jiaozi (dumpling) with walnut seeds fillings.

If you would like to taste Jiaozi in Xi'an, you'd better choose the Xi'an Dumpling Feast Restaurant on Jiefang Road, and the Defachang Restaurant. They offer up to 108 different kinds of Jiaozi. Different kinds of Jiaozi have different shapes, flavors and fillings. Sitting in the restaurants, you tasting the Jiaozi and listening to the old stories and legends of Jiaozi told by the waiters or waitresses that is really an enjoyment. One Jiaozi is one song, a dish of Jiaozi with a beauteous story whoever comes to the restaurants will become gluttonous for the delicious Jiaozi and be attractive by the stories and legends. In a certain sense, the Jiaozi banquets are more popular with the foreigners. In some of the big Jiaozi restaurants in Xi'an city, more than one third of the customers are foreigners, especially Japanese.

The foreigners who partake of the Xi'an Jiaozi banquets all regard the Jiaozi as an art. When the different and vivid shapes of Jiaozi are served on the tables, the Jiaozi are so admirable to everyone that they are not burning to eat but take photos with their cameras or film with the hand-held video cameras.

Xi'an Jiazi banquets have received many favorable reports from the foreign guests with its proper temptation in the years. After partaking of a Jiaozi banquet in Jiefang Road Jiaozi Resturant of Xi'an, the U.S. former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said "This is a very wonderful lunch, very excellent!"Now the Xi'an Jiaozi banquets are indispensables for those who visit Xi'an. Be remindful, you should not miss this epicurean feast when you traveling in Xi'an city.


A bowl of goluptious Mutton Paomo.

Mutton Paomo

Mutton Paomo (crumbled unleavened bread soaked in mutton stew) is a kind of local flavor with a long history. This food consists of a mutton soup and a piece of wheat flour flat bread. The mutton is usually cooked with scallion, ginger, wild pepper, aniseed, fennel, cinnamon and some of the other seasonings,and the mutton soup is retained for using. When eating the food, the eater must tear the bread to pieces and soak the bread in the mutton soup. Then the mixture is eaten along with mutton soup, pickled garlic cloves, cabbages, cooking wine, vermicelli, salt and aginomoto etc. To enjoy this food, Tongshenxiang Beef and Mutton Paomo Restaurant, and Chunfasheng Paomo Restaurant are good places to go.


Delicious Roujiamo with fresh and tender catsup mincemeat is a very refreshing taste.

Roujiamo (Griddle Steamed Bread with Mincemeat Fillings)

Roujiamo is one of famous Xi'an snacks, which is made of mincemeat wrapped by griddle steamed bread. Before the mincemeat is made, the meat(with bones) must be boiled with wine, salt, rock candies, fresh gingers, shallot stems, and then a voile bag with more than twenty flavorings such as teasel nuts, cardamom seeds, cloves, cinnamons, aniseeds, prickly ashes etc is put into the boiler to cook with the meat for about 3 or 4 hours. Then the meat (May still with bones) is scooped up from the boiler and boned. When eating this food, the mincemeat is put into between two pieces of just-made (not ready-made) griddle steamed bread. It looks something like sandwich but very different from sandwich in flavor. And it is very rich in protein, fat and carbohydrate. The bread tastes tender and crisp. And the mincemeat is incarnadine, pure and savory when eating.


Qishan county teems with buckwheat,the people there like eating noodles.

Qishan Noodles

Qishan Noodles originated in Qishan County and hence it is named after the county name. They have a long history and became far-famed as early as the Qing Dynasty (A.D.1616-1911). The noodles must be made from light purified flour. They are thin, pliable, smooth, hot, watery, greasy, sour, spicy and savory. The Ingredients Include minced pork, dried lily flowers, eggs, Auricularia auricular, bean curd, garlic stems and many condiments. Qishan noodles with High carbohydrate, high saturated fatty acid, and high nutritive value. If you want to taste this food, please go to the Xi'an Yongming Qishan Noodles Restaurant because it enjoys a very high reputation in Xi'an.

The Chopped Buckwheat Noodles with Mutton.

Chopped Buckwheat Noodles

Chopped Buckwheat Noodles are Buckwheat flour noodles chopped by knife. Buckwheat is one of good minor cereals of Northern Shaanxi Province. The cereal is high-protein and low-fat, and with high vitamin contents. It is very nutritious. Shaanxi people use this cereal make many traditional foods. Among them, the Chopped Buckwheat Noodles are the most popular. They can intenerate vein, protect the vision, reducing fever, reduce pathogenic fire, promote digestion, and prevent the blood vessel of brain from hemorrhage. It is extolled as "long-life" noodles.

The noodles can be served either hot or cold. If it is served cold, flavor it with salt, vinegar, mustard, garlic sauce and hot chili. If it is served hot, warm it up in the hot soup and scoop it up and top it with stir-fried vegetables and meat. Chopped Buckwheat noodles taste a little bitter but delicious and they are beneficial all the year round for its antipyretic nature.

Delicious Liangpi (cold noodles) brings the water to your mouth.


Liangpi (cold noodles) is a famous summer snack (also sold in winter) in Xi'an. This snack is made from wheat flour (or other starch). It looks translucent and tastes cold, and known for its white color, thin shape, smooth surface, pliable texture, tender and savory taste. It is eaten along with garlic, ginger, pepper, sauce, vinegar, bean sprouts, capsicum flour, salt, sliced cucumber, caraway, chicken essence, sesame oil etc. Male is not so interested in this delicious snack, but female is crazy about it, especially the nice girls and the elder women who have past their prime.


Hulutou (Crumbled Unleavened Bread Soaked in Broth with Intestines and Tripe) is a great local delicacy in Xi'an. Its raw materials are hog fat ends, pork stomachs and hog chittering. Before being cooked, the rammish smell of the materials must be got rid of, and then the seasoning matters and crumbled unleavened bread are put into the soup cooked together. The soup of this delicacy is strong, flavorful, fresh and delectable. This food with high saturated fatty acid and high cholesterol, it is fat but not greasy and suitable for people of all ages.


The toothsome goldy and crisp Frying Persimmon Paste.

Frying Persimmon Paste

Frying persimmon paste is found in Lintong County. To make it is not so difficult, first of all, put the persimmons into the wheat flour and stir the mixture until it becomes the paste, and then put the paste into the boiling oil until its color turns golden brown. This food looks very flavorful and taste tender, sticky and sweet.

Kettle oil tea

Tea is a very common drink in China, but in different parts of this country this drink with its special local color. In Xi'an, people like drinking oil tea. When boiling tea, the wheat flour and all kinds of condiments are mixed up and put into the boiling water slowly. Then the almond, benniseed, the long-shaped, sauce, salt flour, pepper, and monosodium glutamate are put into the boiling tea soup at a simmer and stirred until the color becomes yellow. When the tea soup thickens up it is poured into a big tea Kettle for drink. Kettle oil tea is a very excellent refreshant and the local people and many travelers are keen on it very much.


Honey Jelly Cake .

Honey Jelly Cake

Honey Jelly Cake is made from kidney beans, crushed peanuts, stir-fried benniseed, bean paste, and the syrup curing green and red fruit threads. The cake is covered by the rose catsup and honey. It has an attractive appearance and is a delicious food for young and old. It is cold, sweet, savory, tender and smooth when eating.

Jujube cake

Jujube cake is a Moslem food in Xi'an, made with Jujube, wheat flour, eggs, white sugar, honey and brandies. It is a dim sum served the emperors in the old days. It can keep youthfulness and strengthen the body, lose weight, prevent losing hair, and relieve constipation.


Tasty kabobs will go beyond your imagination when you gobbling.

Eight-treasure Rose Mirror Cake

The eight-treasure rose mirror cake is a traditional Moslem sweet cake for breakfast, which has more than one –hundred- year history in Xi'an and is famous for its inviting color and aroma. This food is made from sticky rice, brown sugar, and Osmanthus sugar. When the cake being eaten it is dipped with the black sesame seeds and rose ketchup.


Travel in Xi'an you can taste many flavorful roasts such as the Brazilian cabobs, Japanese roasted meat, South Korea broiler and Turkey fried meat. But we give the local Xi'an kabobs a plug because they are inexpensive and palatable.

Xi'an kabobs were introduced from Xinjiang in many years ago but they are very different from the Xinjiang kabobs in flavor. Besides with the cumin powder they also with some chili powder and other many condiments so they taste a little hot. The meat such as mutton, beeves, pork, fish, kidneys, and so on can be the raw materials of the Xi'an kabobs. They taste crisp and tender, look oily but not greasy. When eating the kabobs, most travelers like drinking beer or soda water, undoubtedly, this is a not bad choice. You can try it when you visit this city.

To enjoy the kabobs, you can go to the Huis (nationality) Street or the street near the Drum Tower where the night market are very busy, many people often gather there to eat these tasty foods.


Salmon with red pepper juice.

"Western" Food

Paying a visit of Xi'an you may look for western food. Don't worry about that you can not find a good western restaurant. In Xi'an there are dozens of western restaurants offer western foods besides the hotels we recommend on our website. In your free time when visiting this city you can hang around on Dongdajie (East Street) where there are many western restaurants, also on the northwestern outskirts of the city near the Flats of Renmin Hotel on Fenghe Road, there are two famous restaurants that offer great western food for reasonable prices. They are Dad's Home Cooking and Mum's Home Cooking respectively.

In Xi'an, most of western restaurants offer both veg and non-veg menus in a spotless and non-smoking ambience. You can find restaurants of all the major countries of the world offering ethnic foods. The restaurants specialize in Indian, North American, South American, French, Japanese and Italian gastronomy.


Rice Noodles in Earthen Pot.

Rice Noodles in Earthen PotThe Rice Noodles in Earthen Pot are very delicious, alible, and good in color, smell, taste and appearance. They are cooked in a pot with rolled meat, sea tangles, vegetables, mushrooms, bean curd, hams, smoked sausages, garlic stems, gingers and many seasonings. Usually, you can choose your own flavor according to your appetite. This food is not only favorite for local people but for the travelers.
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