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This and that...

Posted by: admin in new dynastycontributeblog on


It was a long time ago since I wrote a blog entry folks. Sorry about that but life's busy even in Xi'an :-).  A small status report: ¡XABOO! is now a good time online and regarding the fact that I did not promote it aggressively  (besides a well ranked position in all major search engines) I am satisfied with the feedback so far. Use ¡XABOO! and exchange experiences and contribute. Ask any kind of question and you will receive an answer. 

I especially encourage all local chinese friends to use ¡XABOO! to exchange views with the international expat community in Xi'an. This is also a call to anyone out there who wants to contribute but is still uncertain to do so. ;-): DO IT! Contact me, send your stuff, or just open your own blog for free on  ¡XABOO!

Also, check out NEW DYNASTY - Digital City Guide and Lifestyle Magazine Xi'an - An unique eMag for Expats and Locals in Xi'an.

A new venture started in Xi'an: NEW DYNASTY Digital City Guide and Lifestyle Magazine , also known as "ND" has landed in Xi'an. Our concept is radically different and unique in Xi'an. We are the first REAL multilingual digital magazine in Xi'an with unique features and DAILY UPDATED content and we enjoy  fast growing popularity among a young and open minded chinese audience as well as international expatriates in Xi'an, China and abroad.

All of the writers and artists who appear on our site and digital publication are a part of a very special entity. They are unique in their expressions. You will definitely see more of their work and articles in future issues. A special thank you to them for their participation!

We just want to say a big THANK YOU to Chen Li, Darth Pau, Xia Sheng, Ouyang Jiahua, Antonio, Liu, Olivia Jing, Carlos, He Meng, Andrés, Hadi, Bertrand, Michael, Michele, Jane, Fan Xiang, Fan, Lize Guang and so many others for all of their energy, hard work and devotion that makes up the soul of ND...and of course to our readers, subscribers who are essential to the core of this diverse project...our readership is what makes ND even more exceptional and advanced and stay with us as we pursue the creation of even greater goals in Xi'an. Check out our website for details and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date.

ND enjoys an incredible fast growing popularity among young and open minded chinese audiences as well as international expatriates in Xi'an, China and abroad.

We produce own and unique Web TV City Reports (ND TV) and short movies (with english subtitles) which will introduce every month new aspects, real insight, locations, events, people in Xi'an.

We are looking for contributors/columnists who want to write for us (you will get full credits) and expats who are in interested in professional Movie Productions/Reels/Short Movies in Xi'an.

Subscribe for free to stay up to date and to download our issues.

Watch out for our reporters and marketeers in Xi'an and if you were not approached by us yet, contact us directly: 

Visit us:


We hit Facebook

Posted by: admin in newfacebook on


Happy new year to all! Let´s hope for a better 2009 with less Hiob`s News.  It is a little late for new year wishes, but as the germans say: Better late than never ;-). I am very busy now for a new project that will  bring great excitement to the Xi'an - Expat Community. Stay tuned. So, just a short entry for now:

 Did you know that we’ve got a Facebook page?

Visit our Facebook Page and become a fan. Editors and contributors are wanted there as well. Thanks to Antonio for making a start and taking a lil´ weight from my shoulders :-D. Let´s push the whole thing up. Have a nice day in Xi'an.



¡XABOO! Xi'an Chat

Posted by: admin in newfeaturechat on


Chat!¡XABOO! has  a Chat! It is for  everyone who is interested in real time talk. The idea behind it, is to have an easy to access  central  Chat place  for Xi'an Residents and Expats. It is pretty straightforward and easy to use.

So, here it is:  A place where you can meet up with friends quickly and easily without the hassle to exchange Messenger ID´s and booting up your Instant Messenger. Click here to enter!

Have fun!


Posted by: admin in xaboowebsitespeedimprovement on


Some of you folks noticed the slow load time of ¡XABOO! within some locations in China at certain times of the day (Mostly in the evening). I am fully aware of that.  So, I will come out with a lightweight version as soon as I can or perhaps move to a new server. This measure should hopefully improve load times dramatically.

Internet Explorer 6.0 Users: Your browser is old and a pain in the ass. Please update to 7.0 or 8.0 or the best thing you can ever do is to get FIREFOX. That one is a far superior browser:


Firefox Browser Logo


 Thanks for all the feed back so far. I appreciate that!!

¡XABOO! v1.0 is born.

Posted by: admin in xaboowebsite on


After many months of hard work on ¡XABOO!, today is the day of opening the site to the public.  I put together a solid first version of ¡XABOO! and hope that you will have a great time and find useful information about Xi'an & China. We aim to reach not only Expats but naturally Locals  as well.  So, everyone who lives and work in Xi'an or is generally interested in this historic city is welcome to join, to make contacts, friends and just have a relaxed time.

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